Relation between Physical Parameter of a Main Microphone and Sound Quality

  Nagoya University of Arts
Kazuya Nagae

The comparison of main microphone positions in orchestra recording - height -


An outline of comparison

To compare the height of the best main microphone position in the orchestra recording.
In a rehearsal of Nagoya University Of Arts Orchestra's Annual concert at the Aichi Prefecture Art Center's Concert Hall on October 28, 2010, Playing Tchaikovsky's,Capriccio Italien, Op. 45 and Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D minor op.125. The main microphone DPA 4006 was set up at 4 points with different heights. Recorded by Studer 962, Magix Sequoia 88.2kHz 24bit. Please click the following photo.You can listen it. Sound format is 44.1kHz mp3 320kbps.

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