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The Report of Recording and SR

Live Concert SR of Berliner Philharmoniker in Berliner Schloss Jan, 2019

Orchestra Recording Productions in Kulturpalast Dresden Oct, 2018

BIS Records and Take 5 Music Production Oct, 2018

Radio Broadcast from the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie -NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester Radio Broadcasting- May, 2018

The State of the Art: Are We Recording the Score or the Hall? -The round table report of 2016 Tonmeistertagung - May, 2018

Hi-Res Surround Recording of Tonkünstler Orchestra -A production of Richard Strauss A Hero's Life- March, 2016

On the Surround Recording of Orchestra at the Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastrasse -A production of Beethoven Overtures SACD- Jan, 2014

On the Surround Recording of Orchestra at the Jesus Christ Church in Berlin. -A production of Paul HindemithViolaWorks SACD- Dec, 2013

On the Surround Recording of Church Music in Radeberg near Dresden -A production of Heinrich Schütz Works SACD- Nov, 2013

Orchestra Surround Recording in Berlin -A production of Richard Wagner Tannhäuser SACD- Jan, 2013


The Experiment of Recording

Orchestra recording - Why we use many microphones? - Jan, 2022

Piano recording - Omni's direction - Nov, 2021

Piano recording - main and spot - Oct, 2021

Piano recording - stereo method - Oct, 2021

Piano recording - mid or tail - Sep, 2021

Piano recording - balance of direct and indirect sound - Sep, 2021

Piano recording - balance of left hand and right hand - Aug, 2021

Loss of analog transmission about main microphone Dec, 2020

In field recording - difference of mic's polar pattern - contriduted by Mr.Yasuo Hijikata. Aug, 2019

The comparison of microphone arrangements about orchestral instruments -Joint Research Project UdK Berlin and NUA- May, 2018

Orchestra recording - AB or ORTF or AB+Spot -July, 2017

String quartet recording - March, 2016

Harp recording - April, 2015

Flute recording - April, 2015

Piano recording - vertical - Feb, 2015

Piano recording - horizontal - Feb, 2015

Cardioid vs Omnidirectional Microphones - Distance Factor - Feb, 2015

Transfer long or short analog cable. - Dec, 2013

Orchestra recording - direction - Oct, 2013

Violin recording - Sot mic polar pattern - July, 2013

Violin recording - Spot microphone positions - July, 2013

In church recording - strings trio - March, 2013

In church recording - cello solo - March, 2013

In church recording - cello pf. Duo - March, 2013

In studio recording - cello pf Duo - March, 2013

Orchestra recording - on-axis or off-axis - Aug, 2012

Sax quartet recording - directions - Mar, 2012

Orchestra recording - spacing between A-B main mic - Apr, 2011

DPA 4006 Acoustic Pressure Equaliser Sept, 2011

DPA 4006's high frequencies focus directionality Aug, 2011

Orchestra recording - angles and heights - Jan, 2011

Orchestra recording - heights - Oct, 2010


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