Relation between Physical Parameter of a Main Microphone and Sound Quality

  Nagoya University of Arts
Kazuya Nagae

The comparison of microphone polar pattern in field recording


An outline of comparison

To compare microphone polar pattern in field recording.
Japanese field recordist Mr. Yasuo Hijikata contriduted to this site for studying. He did recording at Shonan beach Hiratsuka-city Kanagawa-pref in 2016.
The microphone QTC 50 and Neumann KM184 was set almost same place.
You can feel the difference between Omni and Cardioid on the outside recording. I think it feels different from recording music in the hall.
Recorded by ZOOM F8 on 48kHz 24bit.

Please click the following photo.You can listen it. Sound format is 44.1kHz mp3 320kbps.

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