Nagoya University of Arts, School of Music, Lecturer, Kazuya Nagae
   Relation between Physical Parameter of a Main Microphone and Sound Quality.
 The comparison of main microphone DPA 4006 with Acoustic Pressure Equalisers

An outline of comparison

To compare the DPA 4006 attached with Acoustic Pressure Equaliser APE50(50 mm ball) or not attach.

How many level boost mid-high frequency and How change high frequencies focus directionality.

In a live recording of Nagoya University of arts Wind Orchestra at the Aichi Prefecture Art Center's Concert Hall on September 30, 2011.

Recorded by Studer 962, Magix Sequoia 88.2kHz 24bit.


Please click the following links.You can listen to the comparison of main microphone by Quicktime Movie

Microphone Settings  

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